Manantial Market


Ven y disfruta de Colombia en Miami

Testimonials (Google Reviews)

"The BEST. We had used The Manantial Cargo to move from Miami to Bogota Colombia, and were very impressed by the personal, professional and caring service that we got from Angie, David and Daniel. It was as promised. We sent all kind of things, from clothes, and small home appliances, to food, cleaning products, and in general anything we could get in Miami cheaper than in Colombia. Every thing went very smooth, from delivering the cargo to them, to tracking all the packages on line (in real time) to the prompt and efficient delivery. To sum it up AWESOME, we give this team of caring professionals our highest rate and compliment, with our most sincere MIL GRACIAS."

Art Man (Local Guide)

"Good, clean restaurant with decent prices. I was looking forward to come here for a while and Went today for the first time and thought the food was good. Only downside is that they charge 18% tip on the check. Very displeasing, I prefer to add the tip according to the service received. This practice would probably make me think twice before coming back"

Diego Naranjo

We’ve been coming here for months for the food and Colombian snacks. Recently started using their shipping service, direct to the door in Colombia. So far sent 4 boxes, all arrived within 1 week of when we dropped them off at Manantial. All arrived in perfect condition, and with no issues with customs. I highly recommend this service if you need to ship some personal items to a relative in Colombia.

Davis Cloward

They've got a very friendly and welcoming usherette, and their food was the best in town. The food served was so delicious that it was all fresh. We really enjoyed our time here. Oh, it was worth a shot. The 5-star service!

Sheng Fern

Estamos Acá